Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's the French word for 'rain?'

I started the day with a shower and then watched disturbing puppet shows in French. Then we both watched "The Littlest Hobo." It's a show about a hobo dog that travels the country on trains and helps those in need. In this episode, the dog reunited two lovers. The woman became a gypsy actress in a Medieval troop. Unknown.

So today we walked. That is an understatement. We walked for literally six hours straight. Literally. We walked down Saint Dennis and a bit off to buy / devour a Montreal bagel. Delicious, 75 cents, and no salt. Banging. From this point we decided to walk just to explore. We picked a location called Mount Royal. It was quite the walk. We passed though a little Italy then entered an area similar to Ohio. Even the stop signs were in English, it was quite surprising. Mount Royal was an upper class area, nice parks, croquet, and lawn bowling. The woman walking by told Wingman that it is a perfect day to photograph flowers. We left.

From there we headed towards Schwartz world famous smoked meat restaurant. My brother said we might as well go straight to Toronto is we didn't plan on going to this place. We were a bit tired at this point. I suggested the Met, Wingman was determined to walk. At one point I lead us down the wrong way on a road. This mistake took about 45 minutes to fix. Opps. During this 'hike,' it started raining, hard. Then it stopped. Then is rained very hard. We got more than wet. Sad, tired, defeated, and soaked, we reached the place after 5 hours of walking. The place of course had a line. It was so in and out though. We ate the best smoked meat ever then walked an hour home.

Currently we are healing until we go out again. Wingman's knees suck and he got some blisters on his feet. Soon, this town will be painted red, figuratively. Take 2.

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