Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well Niagara was massive, to say the least. Lots and lots of water. The water was falling. We went on Canada side as advised, from our viewpoint, I could see how everyone was right. Sorry USA. I need another computer to upload pictures from my phone because my EeePC is ghetto. But I will. Just know that Niagara lives up to its hype. Word.

After Niagara we had a choice. Our next destination was Wingman's sister's place in Michigan,. We could take Canada and shorten our path or leave through Buffalo and get some wings. Hah we picked wings. We got "randomly" selected to get searched through customs. It really onlly took like 15 minutes, and we were clean, so whatever. That alone was an experience. We considered eating, then going back though Canada to save time, but after the search we figured we would just go USA side.

We ate at this place called Anchor Bar. I called up my bro and he suggested the place. Apparently it is the home of the Buffalo Wing. Wikipedia confirmed that, if that is worth anything (we talk down to it, but we all use it). The wings were good, really good sauce. Did I expect more? Yes. But no complaints.

On our way to WG's sister's place, we decided to stop at Cracker Barrel for a book on tape (CD). After some close reading, we decided to pick the most ridiculous sounding fantasy based one. It ened up not being that bad. It was "Artemas Fowl." It had a Shadworun feel to it. We may get another.

Yesterday we went to the Red Sox game at Progressive vs The Indians. Yes, we stopped in Cleveland. Getting to Progressive is probably the easiest stadium to get to ever. The game was fun and the tickets were only $10 each. The Sox got killed but what can you do. They lost 11 to 0. In the 8th, the Indians had the bases loaded three times, with one grand slam. Yikes. Nelson, the Sox pitcher that inning only, threw exactly 40 pitches.

Currently we are in a Super 8 and getting ready to head back on the road. We are eaded to Baltimore to spend the evening with my cousin. Good times will be had. We plan on starting the trek home after, god speed.

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  1. I don't know why he told you to go to Anchor Bar. You're supposed to go to Duff's or Gabriel's Gate. See: