Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of Montreal no more, hello Toronto.

I have a day and a half to update here. The police of Montreal closed down several roads for a massive bike race of 30,000 cyclists. It was called the Tour De L'ile, it happens the first Saturday of June. There were huge street parties during, apparently we picked a randomly awesome time to come.

The following day I filled my car up with LITERS of gas and we headed out. We left Montreal at 5:30 am to make the trek to Toronto. Why so early? Obviously to catch the 1:07 Blue Jays game. Duh. So we drove early. It rained the whole time. Miserable like. However, upon reaching Toronto it has all cleared. Toronto is under a lot of repair / expansion. The sky line is quite modern looking. The skyscrapers have a mold of a new age. The construction sucks. The way we planed on taking to the stadium was closed. Finding alternative paths in a city / country you are unfamiliar with is rough, but we made it.

The game was hands down the strangest baseball game I ever seen / gone too. We missed it, but a ball boy fielded a fair ball. The ump took his glove, and gave it to the police. Then the police put the kid behind police tape and the Jays mascot made sure he stayed there. The game was the Yanks @ Jays. The Jays fans are very spirited and they hated the Yanks. It felt good. They were brutal on ARod, when ever he came up there were different chants all over the stadium letting everyone know how bad he was. My favorite yell was, "Posada, you are not an attractive man." Then someone else yelled, "Take off your shirt!" The 7th inning stretch was something words can't explain. Rituals. Also, they have Rick The Drummer. He drums then tells the Jays to go. Unknown. I've also never seen a pitcher leave the bullpen, come to the mound, then go back, then go back to the mound an inning later. The Yanks won, boo.

Our hotel in Toronto is um, nice. This is not sarcasm. It's the grand opening so we got a good deal online. Another lucky shot. Its got a work desk, WiFi, large flat screen TV, transformer like AC, shower, microwave, mini fridge, marble everything. We went back out and walked along Younge street. Good times.

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