Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm the only Floridian who goes to Canada and gets sun

Yesterday was another of those walking days. This time it was downtown Toronto. We tackled the Hockey Hall of Fame. When in Rome right? The nice man at the front desk gave us student fees even though we didn't have international student ID's. Hockey Hall of Fame was pretty neat, well put to together, quite informative. I can't compare it to any other halls of fame for I've never been, but this one was swell. We both picked up team shirts from the bargain bin of the gift shop. Go Bruins,

We got a free slice of pizza for their being 5 strike outs from the starting pitcher from the game we went too. Sweet deal. Parking in Toronto is not ideal and over the few days I spent a bit of money on it. We could have done it smarter, but well, we are Toronto noobs. After hours of walking we left and went to a horse track just to explore since it is across the hotel. There was nothing but slots going on but it was a neat place regardless.

After resting a spell, we went out to dinner at this Outback want to be place and it was really freaking good. I got a beef brisk it sandwich and the beef was more like jerky. Not what I was expecting but mu god is was good. We left that joint to go pick up our lovely friend who has been staying in Toronto as a fashion intern.

She was more than delightful as usual, we laughed, got lost, became international friends, the usual. She's only been in the city for a few weeks and me and the Wingman only for 2 days, so none of us really knew where we were going. About 4 u-turns later we reached an ice cream place. Our lovely companion refused, belittled, and mocked me for trying to treat her since her birthday is but days away but it was to be expected. Feminism or something. During our catch up session on DB pulled up to the light where we were sitting, waited for the light to turn green, then yelled out of his car, "Nice fedora, J! T!" and drove away fast. Hilarious. I had a brown fedora on, I think I'm forever scarred. My witty response was some meaningless confusing statement such as, "You too pal." Unknown. Toronto is just that rough of a town.

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