Saturday, May 29, 2010


Up to this point I've pictured the start of this trip like an old black and white movie. The film poorly spliced together with primate technology; flailing blithely upon a reel preexisting all previous Mesozoic dates. The title flashing upon the screen with an excited nasally voice of what could possibly be a a British explorer reading, “The Adventures of Clout and Wingman!” Followed by a pause, some footage of our epic deeds, then, “In. Clout and Wingman Do Canada!” There is a roar form the audience followed by applause and whistling.

It's currently T-Minus 3 days until the journey starts. Tuesday, June 1st, 2010, it's go time. Everything up to now has been pipe dreams and childish ambitions. No more. Is this a road trip? Nay, an adventure. The Cambridge dictionary defines an adventure as: “an unusual, exciting and possibly dangerous activity such as a journey or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity.” Perhaps it is my historic academic education, but when force fed a lengthy definition as so, a bit of piece by piece analysis is required. Is this the Mencius? No, but let me feel I didn't waste four years of my life. Thus I dissect:

Unusual: Two heterosexual male friends driving an a tiny orange Kia Rio from southern Florida, to NYC, to Montreal, to Toronto, back to southern Florida for the purpose of purely “just wanting to.” Perhaps. Perhaps not. Myself, the Clout, enjoys screen writing as a hobby. This will be romantically inspiring. For the Wingman, who has recently fallen in love with a street car called photography, a trek across the eastern seaboard, venturing into NYC (untraveled territory for him), then to end up smack into another country and culture screams / begs / pleads for photogenic possibilities. Hell, it's a vacation with muse like aspirations.

Exciting and possibly dangerous: Check. In front of me, right now, as I type, is the “Montreal and Quebec City: City Guide” book by Lonely Planet. Beyond staying with my brother and his wife in NYC, finding a hotel to stay at in both Montreal and Toronto, and meeting our lovely friend in Toronto, we are basically “doing this live.” Plans, itinerary, road maps, objectives, sanity? Bah. I have an iPhone, a limited Canadian plan, and a sensation for adventure. Plans will be made as we go, that is the true spirit of the road trip. NEXT point.

Journey or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity: This, is the prologue. There is excitement in the air already. Regardless of what happens, there will be a journey and experiences will be had. You'll have to follow this blog to see how events turn out. I'm writing this is share in the adventure as well as to have textual documentation of this expedition for future reference. My plans are to update this at some point daily. Will I? You will have to sign in to see kiddies. This blog has three days to gather cob webs before it is opened again. Safe travels all.


  1. I wish you were making a stop on the
    Cape . . . but I understand. Just be super careful driving so I don't have to worry too much about you two cowboys!!

  2. Hey I linked you blog to ours. I hope you keep blogging after the trip too. Sorry you're stopping by when my job/life is so crazy. I hope to be able to see you. (I know you're staying with us, but that is no guarantee these days.)

  3. Thank you for housing us regardless, especially when there is such chaos going on. Tomorrow it's on.